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432hz Sound Bath Therapy

Amber now offers 432hz Sound Bath Therapy. A sound bath is an experience where you’re immersed in deep sound vibrations. “The idea is that these vibrations are at specific tones and frequencies and have the ability to heal your body,” says physician assistant Karen Bond, PA-C.

More precisely, sound baths are rooted in the idea that these particular frequencies correspond to specific energy centers in your body. You might be familiar with this concept if you’ve ever done yoga and heard about balancing your chakras. Additionally, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is driven by the concept of qi (pronounced “chi”), which translates to the energy or power flowing through your body.

“The idea is that anything that goes wrong with your body corresponds to an imbalance in one of these energy centers, the sound bath can reset these centers and get your energy moving in the right way. Then the corresponding parts of your body can heal.”

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