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I am Not a Charm to the Arm of the Opportunist

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

I am Not a Charm to the Arm of the Opportunist.

In the realm of ambition's charm, I tread, Not a bauble, nor a shimmering thread, Professionally disheartened, yet I stand tall, Unyielding to opportunists' unforeseen fall.

Disappointments swirl, a tempest's twist,

Yet my dedication, in resolve, exists. l am not mere adornment, a fleeting guise, But a steadfast soul beneath these skies.

Amidst setbacks that fate dares to impart, My essence, my purpose, they never depart.

A vision embraced, commitments stay true,

For causes noble, I continue to pursue.

So let this setback, this unexpected thorn,

Not tarnish the spirit in which I'm born.

With unwavering poise, I shall reclaim, The path to honor, amidst the unknown's game.

I am Not a Charm to the Arm of the Opportunist,

Not an adornment on another's arm, I stand, not merely for charm.

Independence woven in professional thread, My presence more than what's merely said.

I'm not a trinket, no accessory fine, But a force with purpose, a design.

Ambitions tethered to my own flight, In professional realms, my own might.

I bring expertise, dedication's flame,

Beyond the role of a mere name.

Independence, not in isolation found, But in contributions, firmly bound.

Not ego's flight, nor pride's tall tower, Yet a recognition of my professional power.

I seek recognition, not as a part, But for substance, for skills, for heart.

My worth acknowledged, my value seen, In independence, a professional sheen.

A stance defined, not in charm's allure, But in contributions, steadfast and sure.

I stand tall in my truth, an unwavering force against the opportunistic tides. I am the sovereign of my destiny, adorned not by the charms of the opportunist, but by the strength born from within. My journey unfolds with resilience as my guide, shaping a legacy of empowerment and unwavering resolve. I am not merely a chapter, but the narrative itself—an embodiment of power, grace, and unyielding authenticity.

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