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The Divine Unleashed

The Divine Unleashed written by Amber Dalton

You thought you held the strings, the power, the reign, But sorry, honey, that's your ego's vain claim, You tried to steer, to dictate my way, But sorry, darling, I won't be on your display.

Your attempts to control, they fell so flat,

Healthy boundaries set, I won't buy into that, You tapped out early, played the victim's role, Couldn't handle the truth, couldn't reach your goal.

The show you thought you'd master, the lead you'd take, But sorry, sweetie, that was a big mistake, When your ego soared, your blessings were lost, The stage is mine now, at whatever cost.

I won't be confined, won't follow your cue, No longer playing the part that's not true, Your drama's done, your control is through,

I'm stepping out now, brand new.

You thought you could run it, but you were not fit, So here's the truth: your act doesn't fit, Your ego's game, your mess, your strife.

I'm reclaiming my power, my own life.

You thought you were grand, but truth be told, Without me, darling, you're just paper, cold.

When things are done right, they stand tall and bold. No room for corruption or deceit to untold, For truth and integrity, they pave my way, Guiding my light steps, in every single day.

I wish you the best with all the luck, for now, indifference reigns, this feeling struck.

Stepping away, finding my stride,

in this divine moment, my Godly freedom will be my guide.

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