Nature's Divine Healing

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Customer Testimonials


" I require therapy for the knots in
my upper shoulder and strains in my lower back.
I appreciate a therapist who can get to the
 heart of the matter instead of 40 minutes of
 spa type massage and 10 minutes of therapy.
That's why she has been my therapist for over 7 years."

-Gina Nesloney

Redfish Rodeo Productions 


" I went for my therapy today and will say that I have finally found my full time therapist. I would highly recommend Amber to anyone looking for a great therapist.
-Bill Ballard

Amber is Divine! Thank you for the relief!
                                -Kelly Innerarity

After having a 4 level cervical fusion on my neck c3 to c7 i was in desparate need of a therapist that could assist in my healing for the long term. After trying several therapist I found Amber! She has been key in my healing providing me with teaching and education on stretching and wellness and performing myofascial release and deep tissue. Her long gentle strokes and her focus on key areas of pain and tightness have made my quality life so much better. I will need continued therapy throughout my life as my early onset disc disease is throughout my spine. I feel so fortunate to have Amber to help me feel better. Thank you! Xoxo
                                             -Jennifer Barnard; R.N.

Wow!!! I suffered an injury to my right hand and shoulder in June of this year and called on Amber for relief through her therapy.  I have to say, I get therapy quite often but never, ever have I had a session like Amber's, she got into the areas that needed lots of attention and worked them really well.  However, it wasn't just that she worked those areas.  She addressed muscles that I did not even realize needed attention.  She explains the process and is very knowledgeable about her field.  She gives a nice, deep tissue that works out every little kink and bind in your tense muscles and I fall asleep every time because it's so relaxing.  If you want a therapy that is out of this world then, I highly recommend getting in with Amber.  You will be amazed by her knowledge, talent, professionalism and affordability.  Thanks Amber, I'll be calling again soon for  every other week!   Ahhhh!!

-Be blessed, 

Shannon Haywood


Gruetzner's Collision Center

Jeremiah 29:11