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What is an Oxygen Bar?

Amber's Oxygen Bars are now currently open at 2 locations in Smithville & Bastrop, Texas. We all are aware that our atmosphere is a mixture of gases and it contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide, 0.5% water vapour. When we breathe in, we inhale the same mixture of gases contained in the atmosphere as our nose cannot filter out the oxygen from other gases. Breathing oxygen is important for living, but there is a significant difference in the amount of oxygen you breathe than in ancient days. The addition of pollution with destruction in the ozone layer has contributed to this lack of oxygen. Consequently, it has led to the weakening of cells, reduced immunity that makes us susceptible to various other health issues. Providing the body with extra oxygen aids in fighting the chemicals from pollutants, reduces stress, and aids in offering better overall health. Did you know that cancer can not survive in a highly oxygenated environment?

Oxygen also has extra benefits in enhancing digestion, great for your skin, soothing the mind, increasing recovery, memory, focus, and attentiveness. It has also proven to be good at fighting chronic fatigue and fights aging problems. Oxygen bar provides a healthy dose of 90-95% oxygen that can range for up to 20-60 minutes. As you start breathing extra oxygen via the nose, you will feel the increasing relaxation with decreasing the effects of headaches and hangover.

Oxygen bars can help:

  • increase energy levels

  • improve mood

  • improve concentration

  • improve sports performance

  • reduce stress 

  • provide relief for headache and migraine 

  • promote better sleep

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