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Pillar of Light


Producer of Dr. Patch Adams

Producer of Running Out of Reasons Music Video with Ashton Brooke Gill

Producer of Stand Tall

Executive Producer of Avenging Angels

Director/Actress of The Puzzler Movie


The Story of Nature's Divine from Pain to Power

The Story of Maya Ananda

The Healer with the Wild Hair


Spaghetti on the Wall  Podcast - Patch up Your Heart

Tea Time with Huggy LovingKindness Podcast Series - "A Golden Butterfly"   

Big Shark by Tommy Wisseau 



Non-Profit The Gesundheit Institute

Patch Up Your Heart

Pillar of Light

The Puzzler 

Motivational Speaker 

Words from LovingKindness...

Tea Time with Huggy LovingKindness + Amber Dalton
A Golden Butterfly Podcast Series  

This podcast series, "Tea Time - A Cup of LovingKindness," was created to offer space of gathering, where we can build community + belonging through non-violent communication, filling our hearts + souls with love, non-judgment, compassion + understanding. In these spaces we have opportunities to learn, together, wholehearted ways to support one another through the hills + valleys, walking each other safely home in LovingKindness.

Join Huggy Kindness, a LovingKindness Faerie, + Amber Dalton, a Golden Butterfly in the Community Garden for a cup of LovingKindness with the link below. Subscribe to the podcast series on YouTube.

 Look forward to meeting you in the garden!

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